About Granite Realty NW

Thank you again for visiting the Granite Realty NW / Flash Love Charity Golf Tournament website.

We get asked all the time to “tell me about Granite Realty”.  The simple answer is that we are a boutique real estate company focused on the Clark County marketplace.  The focus on Clark County is very intentional.  It is our belief that to do a great job for a client and offer the best possible customer experience, you need to keep you focus local.  If a Realtor is working with a seller in South Portland, how can they tell a client that lives in Ridgefield that they are there for then 24/7.

We are never going to be the largest brokerage in the area nor are we going to top the list of the most number of transactions in a year.  Our goal is to prove to our clients that bigger is not better.  Better is better.

Thanks again for stopping by.